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1, 2, and 3-Day Kolkata Sightseeing Tour Packages

Day 1: From Village Life to the First City of the British Empire in 300 Years –
A Historical Journey through Kolkata’s Streets, Markets, and Heritage Buildings

7:15 to 8am

Your guide will meet you in the hotel lobby (the start time is flexible).
A light breakfast is recommended before departure, though tea and a snack will be provided during the walk around 9 am. Start your Kolkata city tour early to avoid the heat and traffic.

We begin early to avoid the heat and traffic. This is the best time for a Kolkata city tour through this vibrant and bustling city. As Kolkata wakes up, we will observe the flow of people from the streets where they live and work to the River Hooghly, where they perform their morning rituals. The colorful riverside flower market, where all the city’s religious flowers come from, is the perfect beginning for a heritage walk Kolkata.

We start our Kolkata sightseeing tour packages here, as this is where the city’s story began. On the banks of this grand river, battles among European powers were fought in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Amidst Armenian and Portuguese churches and Jewish synagogues, we begin our journey that led to the British Raj in India. In and around Dalhousie Square, dating back to the time of the Black Hole, the city transformed into a City of Palaces. The renowned Writers’ Building, once the headquarters of the East India Company, the splendid Governor’s House, and the often overlooked Charnock Mausoleum, form the core of the administrative, judicial, and political hub of an empire that extended from Aden to Burma.

We pause for a cup of tea and a snack during the walk, providing a pleasant break in our Kolkata tour package.


Our next stop includes“The Park Street Cemetery and Victoria Memorial” , two prominent landmarks from the British era. The cemetery dates back centuries with poignant images of its early society, while the majestic Memorial, completed just as the British moved their capital to Delhi, houses a permanent collection of art and a well-laid-out Calcutta Gallery detailing the city's history. This visit is a highlight of many Kolkata sightseeing tour packages.

If you are on a one day tour in Kolkata, another option is to visit The Marble Palace, Potters Market or The Indian Museum.SShopping options include local handicrafts, jewelry, textiles (including the famous Bengal Katha stitchwork), antique furniture, food, spices, and books. These sites are often featured in a one day tour Kolkata plan.


Lunch at Bomti’s” provides a unique window into the traditional Calcutta lifestyle, which is now regrettably fading. Mr. Surojit ‘Bomti’ Iyenger, an art collector and socialite, warmly welcomes guests to his charming apartment in a historic building on Chowringhee. Guests can savor authentic, home-cooked Bengali dishes, accompanied by fresh Darjeeling tea, while enjoying Bomti’s insights into Bengali art and Modern Kolkata, with some pieces available for purchase. Enjoy this unique dining experience as part of your Kolkata tour package.


A boat cruise up the River Hooghly.. In a private riverboat, guests can discover an unseen side of Kolkata, with a view of the myriad activities on the river’s ‘Ghats’. This was the view that greeted many a 19th-century adventurer as he stepped up to the Princep’s Ghat. You will sail past Belur Math, the headquarters of The Ramakrishna Mission, while the city’s iconic Howrah and Vidyasagar Setu bridges loom overhead. This journey offers a serene conclusion to the day, featuring a tea menu with popular Indian snacks and refreshing Darjeeling tea. This cruise is a perfect end to a one day tour in Kolkata.


Return to your hotel.

Day 2: The Bengal Renaissance – The Birth of Modern India in the 19th Century


We start the morning with a visit to North Calcutta, also known as “The Black Town”, where European-influenced culture thrived among Bengal's pioneering families. The Jain Temple Complex consisting of four ornate temples, features dazzling mirrors, ceramic tiles, and chandeliers brought to India by wealthy merchants from distant lands such as Persia, Japan, and Europe. Exploring this area is one of the essential activities to do in Kolkata.

Next, we visit the Marble Palace, a unique Bengali mansion built in 1835 by Raja Rajendra Mullick, a wealthy art collector. The palace houses an eclectic collection of paintings, marble sculptures, and Belgian glass. The grounds also feature remnants of India's first zoo, with exotic birds such as peacocks, hornbills, pelicans, and several species of deer. This mansion is a highlight of many Kolkata tour packages.

From the opulence of the Marble Palace, we proceed to the intellectual heart of the Bengali Quarter, home to Bengali culture and the renowned Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. His grandfather, Dwarkanath Tagore, built the grand mansion in the 18th century. The museum within showcases the family's life in 19th-century Bengal, their role in the Bengali Renaissance, the Brahmo Samaj movement, and India's freedom struggle. Tagore’s home is a key stop on our Kolkata city tour and a significant part of any Kolkata sightseeing itinerary.


Lunch is at a delightful Bengali restaurant located in the historic Star Theatre, the birthplace of Bengali Theatre and a pivotal site for the freedom movement in Bengal and beyond.  The restaurant serves simple, fresh dishes such as DaabChingri (prawn curry steamed in a tender green coconut), BhektiPaturi (river fish marinated in mustard paste and steamed in banana leaves), a vegetable dish made from banana flowers, and an ice cream dessert made with fresh jaggery from the date palm tree. This dining experience is a cherished part of our Kolkata tour package.


In the afternoon, we visit Kumartulior the Potters’ Market, where life-sized religious idols are crafted for the city's numerous festivals using river clay, bamboo, and straw. These idols are then adorned with intricate jewelry and garments, and their features are beautifully painted. This market is an intriguing stop on any Kolkata sightseeing tour packages and a must-see in a Kolkata itinerary 2 days.


On our way back to town, we stop at the Motherhouse, the home of Mother Teresa and the center of her Missionaries of Charity. The simplicity of her tomb and the modest room where she lived and died embody her life’s work, dedicated to aiding the poor and needy. Visiting the Motherhouse is one of the reflective activities to do in Kolkata and a crucial part of things to do in Kolkata.


Our day concludes with tea at Flury’sTea Room, a historic Calcutta establishment on Park Street, near the Oxford Bookshop, where you can browse a delightful collection of books on Calcutta and India. This tea room is a charming part of our Kolkata city tour.


Return to your hotel.

Day 3: Enhance Your Calcutta Experience with Diverse Activities

The third day remains flexible, allowing guests to choose from various activities to do in Kolkata:

A visit to the Botanical Gardens across the river is a fantastic experience, featuring the largest Banyan tree in the world, gigantic lily pads, and a diverse collection of plants from around the globe. This garden is a must-see in Kolkata sightseeing tour packages.

Shopping – Explore Bengal Handicrafts, Contemporary Bengal Art, Jewelry (traditional, modern, and western), Textiles (silk and cotton), Embroidered Textiles (Kantha Work), Missionary-style table linen, antique furniture, and bazaars filled with food, flowers, spices, fruits, and furniture. Also, check out books, designer clothes, accessories, and lifestyle products. Shopping is often a highlight in Kolkata tour packages.

A Focus on Art – CIMA, the Centre for International Modern Art, consistently offers interesting exhibitions and a lovely gift shop. We can also arrange a meeting with local art expert Anil Cashyab, who will guide you through other galleries and update you on the local art scene, including the Government College of Art, where many Bengali artists began their careers. This is one of the cultural activities to do in Kolkata.

Discover the Art of Kantha – or “stitch painting”, with a visit to the elegant home of Mrs. Shamlu Dudeja, who has revived this rural embroidery craft that was nearly extinct. Through her efforts with SHE (Self Help Enterprise), Kantha has become a popular technique among modern designers and women worldwide. Shamlu’s CalcuttaFoundation also funds numerous welfare initiatives throughout the city. Her quiet elegance hides a dynamic woman who has transformed many lives in the city and rural India. This craft is a unique part of Kolkata sightseeing tour packages and is often highlighted in a Kolkata itinerary 3 days.

Visit to a Textile Factory – Rangeen, the weaving, dyeing, and printing unit for Weavers Studio in Calcutta, is famous for its high-quality cotton and silk garments. You can watch artisans weaving at their looms, dyeing with techniques like tie and dye, batik, Japanese Shibori, and African Adire, and block printing and stenciling on fabric. The Resource Centre also houses a textile library and museum with a collection of antique fabrics from around the world. The history of the world’s most popular natural dye, Indigo, is woven into the visit. Indigo has a significant connection with Bengal's history and played a major role in the struggle for a free India. After the factory tour, visit Weavers Studio, to see the finished products and Weavers Studio for the Arts, established by the dynamic Darshan Shah to showcase local culture and art, including ceramics, photography, sculpture, handicrafts, textiles, and performing arts. This textile tour is an enriching part of our Kolkata tour package.

An Afternoon at the Calcutta Races – (from noon to 5pm on specific days) The Royal Calcutta Turf Club offers panoramic views of Victoria Memorial and the River Hooghly. As one of India’s oldest and grandest clubs, the ambiance is truly 'Raj.' Guests are entertained by hosts closely associated with the Club, with lunch and tea served in a Member’s Box. Enjoy betting, meeting the jockeys, trainers, and horses. Lunch, which is primarily snack-based, and alcoholic drinks are included. The races are an exciting option among activities to do in Kolkata.

More sightseeing options include the Indian Museum, The Asiatic Society, and other historical sites. These locations are essential stops in any Kolkata city tour.

A visit to the Tea Auction Centre

Exploring various charitable institutions and schools.

A round of golf at The Tollygunge Club or The Royal Calcutta Golf Club. Enjoying a round of golf is a leisurely option in our Kolkata tour package.

These Kolkata tour packages offer a comprehensive experience of the city, covering all essential tourist places in Kolkata for 2 days or more. Whether you seek a one day tour in Kolkata or an extended stay, these activities to do in Kolkata will ensure a memorable visit and provide a perfect Kolkata sightseeing itinerary for a 2 day trip near Kolkata. These packages ensure you experience the best things to do in Kolkata India.

Cost of the Package

(Nett price including taxes, non commissionable)
FULL DAY CITY TOUR 33718   39756 17760   45924 15308   51831 12958
2 DAY PACKAGE 56923   65389 32694   75954 25318   86258 21564
3 DAY PACKAGE 78159   89381 44691   102047 34016   115763 28941

The price covers:
Fees for expert guides (Check our Expert Guide Profiles here)
Transportation in an air-conditioned Toyota Innova car
All meals specified in the itinerary
All activities outlined in the itinerary
Access to a mobile library featuring books on the History, Art, Culture, and Cuisine of Bengal
Entry Fees and Tips
All applicable taxes
Total flexibility
Pleasant surprises where possible!