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Each of the 9 spacious suites have a large sleeping area with antique four poster beds, enough desk and sitting space for 2 people to live and work comfortably and efficiently, in a soft, elegant ambience, with lots of natural light. Easy-to-manoeuvre wooden shutters on all the windows allow for filtered shade during the hottest parts of the day, and reveal the spectacular views without the need for curtains or blinds. Shades of celadon green, yellow and white are complemented by mirrored furniture and textiles that include our Glenburn signature tea print on the bed linen and hand-embroidered luxury cotton sheets. Collections of art that reflect the historical theme of the hotel fill walls with interesting stories and map out journeys taken by early travellers. Fine carpets adorn the wooden floors to add a touch of warmth, while the cool marble floors of the elegant hallways, dressing rooms and bathrooms provide a welcome respite from the heat. The large 'white-marble' bathrooms are equipped with bathtubs and walk-in showers, with lots of natural light and Glenburn Therapy Darjeeling Green Tea bath accessories.

2 suites have direct views of Victoria Memorial
2 suites have a private balcony
2 suites have a private sitting room, a verandah and an outdoor terrace
2 suites have twin four poster beds and the rest have kingsize four poster beds

There are 2 categories of suites:
4 Royal Bengal Suites: These suites have either a spectacular, direct view of Victoria Memorial from the room, or a private living room, verandah and terrace making them the most spacious of our 9 suites.
5 Calcutta Suites: These suites are very spacious, with separate dressing rooms, and one has a private balcony, but the views are not as spectacular as the ones you get from the Royal Bengal Suites.