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Welcome to the Glenburn Penthouse, your gateway to an unparalleled dining experience at the heart of Kolkata. Nestled close to the iconic Victoria Memorial, our Glenburn Cafe and the Glenburn Penthouse Restaurant offer a culinary journey amidst the city's vibrant culture and heritage.
Whether you're seeking the best cafes near Victoria Memorial for a serene afternoon or exploring top-rated restaurants near Victoria Memorial for an unforgettable meal, Glenburn Penthouse offers unparalleled experiences.
Immerse yourself in the blend of historic elegance and contemporary luxury at our cafe and restaurant. With their prime location near Victoria Memorial, Glenburn Cafe and the Glenburn Penthouse Restaurant are your gateways to an extraordinary dining experience in Kolkata.
For booking a stay, a meal, or for any queries:

Contact Person: Sapphira Biswas
Telephone: +91 33 4604 5267
+91 98 302 58050

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The Glenburn Penthouse
Kanak Towers
7A Russell Street
Kolkata - 700071
West Bengal