Explore Kolkata with Glenburn Local Expert Guide
Nayana Gangooly

Meet Nayana Gangooly, your dedicated Kolkata tourist guide with over three decades of experience in the Indian textile industry and a profound connection to local artisans. Nayana's deep commitment to Kolkata’s heritage, culture, history, and vibrancy makes her an unparalleled Kolkata local guide. For the past three years, she has been exploring every facet of the city, leveraging her extensive family history and a wide range of connections to become a renowned Calcutta guide.

Nayana offers more than just tours; she brings Kolkata to life, making each visit a personalized experience. As a guide in Kolkata, she introduces travelers to the city beyond the well-trodden paths, showcasing its hidden gems and vibrant stories. Her tours are perfect for anyone exploring Kolkata and seeking to see beyond the obvious attractions.

Besides being a guide Kolkata, Nayana runs a homestay in Shantiniketan, the cultural heart of Bengal, actively participates in Kolkata’s jazz movement, and is a founding member of the city’s wine club. Her extensive involvement in these cultural activities enriches the tours she offers, making her the ideal Kolkata city guide.

If you're looking for a local guide in Kolkata who offers a rich, engaging, and personal look at the city, Nayana is the guide for you. For more information and to book a tour that dives deep into the soul of Kolkata, visit her website. Discover Kolkata through the eyes of someone who not only knows the city but loves it deeply.